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Fig. 2

From: Identification of hypoglycemia-specific neural signals by decoding murine vagus nerve activity

Fig. 2

Indicative neural responses to different injections. Each colored trace represents the response rate over time of a different CAP – solid lines correspond to lower firing rate CAPs (maximum of 10 CAPs/sec) and dotted lines corresponds to high firing rate CAPs (maximum of 30–45 CAPs/sec). The injection is indicated by a vertical black line occurring at 30 min. The thresholds encapsulating the baseline statistics of a particular CAP are indicated by horizontal lines of the same color. An example of a insulin VN response curves that include a CAP that increases its firing rate, along with their respective CAP waveforms and b an example of neural responses to the saline injections control, where there are no discernible responses to the injection, along with the respective CAP waveforms.

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