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Fig. 5

From: Identification of hypoglycemia-specific neural signals by decoding murine vagus nerve activity

Fig. 5

Indicative neural responses to different injections from TRPV1+ Cell-depleted mice. Each colored trace represents the response rate against time of a different CAP – solid lines correspond to lower firing rate CAPs (maximum of 10 CAPs/sec) and dotted lines corresponds to high firing rate CAPs (maximum of 30–50 CAPs/sec). The injection is indicated by a vertical black line occurring at 30 min. The thresholds encapsulating the baseline statistics of a particular CAP are indicated by horizontal lines of the same color. An example of the a insulin VN response curves, along with their respective CAP waveforms, and b an example of the neural response to the saline injection control, where there is no discernible response to the injection, along with the respective CAP waveform. An example of TRPV1+ Cell-depleted mice c regression model performance from an insulin injection. The black line indicates the smoothed blood glucose measurements, with blue bars indicating measurement error. The red line indicates the estimated blood glucose levels as an output of the regression model. The regression somewhat traces the smoothed blood glucose measurements, and the average error over the N = 7 subjects has an interquartile range between 29 and 37 mg/dl

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