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  1. Neuroinflammation is an important driver of acute and chronic pain states. Therefore, targeting molecular mediators of neuroinflammation may present an opportunity for developing novel pain therapies. In precl...

    Authors: Huan Yang, Timir Datta-Chaudhuri, Sam J. George, Bilal Haider, Jason Wong, Tyler D. Hepler, Ulf Andersson, Michael Brines, Kevin J. Tracey and Sangeeta S. Chavan
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:16
  2. The concept of Instrumented Smart Implant emerged as a leading research topic that aims to revolutionize the field of orthopaedic implantology. These implants have been designed incorporating biophysical thera...

    Authors: Marco P. Soares dos Santos and Rodrigo M. C. Bernardo
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:15
  3. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common and debilitating condition characterized by degeneration of hyaline cartilage. Currently, there is no treatment for OA that directly targets degradation of cartilage matrix. Cap...

    Authors: Kaleb Noruzi, Pooja Swami, Lidia Frejo, Jason Wright, Jason Wong, Daniel Grande and Timir Datta-Chaudhuri
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:14
  4. Although the coronavirus disease 19 (COVID-19) pandemic has now impacted the world for over two years, the persistent secondary neuropsychiatric effects are still not fully understood. These “long COVID” sympt...

    Authors: Bashar W. Badran, Sarah M. Huffman, Morgan Dancy, Christopher W. Austelle, Marom Bikson, Steven A. Kautz and Mark S. George
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:13
  5. As pharmacological treatments are the primary option for opioid use disorder, neuromodulation has recently demonstrated efficacy in managing opioid withdrawal syndrome (OWS). This study investigated the safety...

    Authors: Carlos F. Tirado, Stephanie N. Washburn, Alejandro Covalin, Caroline Hedenberg, Heather Vanderpool, Caroline Benner, Daniel P. Powell, Melanie A. McWade and Navid Khodaparast
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:12
  6. KiloHertz frequency alternating current waveforms produce conduction block in peripheral nerves. It is not clearly known how the waveform shape affects block outcomes, and if waveform effects are frequency dep...

    Authors: David B. Green, Joseph A. Kilgore, Shane A. Bender, Robert J. Daniels, Douglas D. Gunzler, Tina L. Vrabec and Niloy Bhadra
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:11
  7. Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) has shown therapeutic potential in a variety of different diseases with many ongoing clinical trials. The role of VNS in reducing ischemic injury in the brain requires further eva...

    Authors: Rishabh C. Choudhary, Umair Ahmed, Muhammad Shoaib, Eric Alper, Abdul Rehman, Junhwan Kim, Koichiro Shinozaki, Bruce T. Volpe, Sangeeta Chavan, Stavros Zanos, Kevin J. Tracey and Lance B. Becker
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:10
  8. The vagus nerve is involved in the autonomic regulation of physiological homeostasis, through vast innervation of cervical, thoracic and abdominal visceral organs. Stimulation of the vagus with bioelectronic d...

    Authors: Umair Ahmed, Yao-Chuan Chang, Stefanos Zafeiropoulos, Zeinab Nassrallah, Larry Miller and Stavros Zanos
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:9
  9. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS), an FDA-approved therapy for chronic pain, uses paresthesia (low frequency SCS (LF-SCS)) or paresthesia-free (such as high-frequency SCS (HF-SCS)) systems, providing analgesia thr...

    Authors: Rosalynn R. Z. Conic, Jacob Caylor, Christina L. Cui, Zabrina Reyes, Eric Nelson, Sopyda Yin and Imanuel Lerman
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:8
  10. Dorsal Root Ganglia (DRG) neurons are derived from the neural crest and mainly innervate the skin, while Jugular Nodose Complex (JNC) neurons originate from the placode and innervate internal organs. These gan...

    Authors: Theo Crosson and Sebastien Talbot
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:7
  11. The retrospective study provides real-world evidence for long-term clinical efficacy of electrical optic nerve stimulation (ONS) in glaucoma with progressive vision loss.

    Authors: Carl Erb, Sophie Eckert, Pia Gindorf, Martin Köhler, Thomas Köhler, Lukas Neuhann, Thomas Neuhann, Nadja Salzmann, Stefanie Schmickler and Jens Ellrich
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:6
  12. Overactive bladder (OAB) affects 12 to 30% of the world’s population. The accompanying urinary urgency, frequency and incontinence can have a profound effect on quality of life, leading to depression, social i...

    Authors: Hui Zhong, Emilie Liu, Priya Kohli, Laura Perez, V. Reggie Edgerton, David Ginsberg, Parag Gad and Evgeniy Kreydin
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:5
  13. Acquired brain injuries, such as stroke, are a major cause of long-term disability worldwide. Intracortical microstimulation (ICMS) can be used successfully to assist in guiding appropriate connections to rest...

    Authors: Marta Carè, Alberto Averna, Federico Barban, Marianna Semprini, Lorenzo De Michieli, Randolph J. Nudo, David J. Guggenmos and Michela Chiappalone
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:4
  14. Microelectrode arrays (MEA) enable the measurement and stimulation of the electrical activity of cultured cells. The integration of other neuromodulation methods will significantly enhance the application rang...

    Authors: Marta Saccher, Shinnosuke Kawasaki, Martina Proietti Onori, Geeske M. van Woerden, Vasiliki Giagka and Ronald Dekker
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:2
  15. Children with frequently relapsing nephrotic syndrome (FRNS) and steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome (SRNS) are exposed to immunosuppressant medications with adverse side effects and variable efficacy. Transc...

    Authors: Kumail Merchant, Stavros Zanos, Timir Datta-Chaudhuri, Clifford S. Deutschman and Christine B. Sethna
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2022 8:1
  16. A detailed sensorimotor evaluation is essential in planning effective, individualized therapy post-stroke. Robotic kinematic assay may offer better accuracy and resolution to understand stroke recovery. Here w...

    Authors: Caio B. Moretti, Taya Hamilton, Dylan J. Edwards, Avrielle Rykman Peltz, Johanna L. Chang, Mar Cortes, Alexandre C. B. Delbe, Bruce T. Volpe and Hermano I. Krebs
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:21
  17. Effectiveness of robotic therapy and transcranial direct current stimulation is conventionally assessed with clinical measures. Robotic metrics may be more objective and sensitive for measuring the efficacy of...

    Authors: Caio B. Moretti, Dylan J. Edwards, Taya Hamilton, Mar Cortes, Avrielle Rykman Peltz, Johanna L. Chang, Alexandre C. B. Delbem, Bruce T. Volpe and Hermano I. Krebs
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:20
  18. In the past three decades, we have witnessed unprecedented progress in wireless implantable medical devices that can monitor physiological parameters and interface with the nervous system. These devices are be...

    Authors: Adam Khalifa, Sunwoo Lee, Alyosha Christopher Molnar and Sydney Cash
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:19
  19. Extracellular recording represents a crucial electrophysiological technique in neuroscience for studying the activity of single neurons and neuronal populations. The electrodes capture voltage traces that, wit...

    Authors: Joshua J. Strohl, Joseph T. Gallagher, Pedro N. Gómez, Joshua M. Glynn and Patricio T. Huerta
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:17
  20. Electrical spinal cord stimulation (SCS) has been gaining momentum as a potential therapy for motor paralysis in consequence of spinal cord injury (SCI). Specifically, recent studies combining SCS with activit...

    Authors: Ismael Seáñez and Marco Capogrosso
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:16
  21. Multielectrode arrays are widely used to analyze the effects of potentially toxic compounds, as well as to evaluate neuroprotective agents upon the activity of neural networks in short- and long-term cultures....

    Authors: Steven Schulte, Manuela Gries, Anne Christmann and Karl-Herbert Schäfer
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:15
  22. Almost 100 years ago experiments involving electrically stimulating and recording from the brain and the body launched new discoveries and debates on how electricity, movement, and thoughts are related. Decade...

    Authors: Santosh Chandrasekaran, Matthew Fifer, Stephan Bickel, Luke Osborn, Jose Herrero, Breanne Christie, Junqian Xu, Rory K. J. Murphy, Sandeep Singh, Matthew F. Glasser, Jennifer L. Collinger, Robert Gaunt, Ashesh D. Mehta, Andrew Schwartz and Chad E. Bouton
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:14
  23. The autonomic nervous system (ANS) maintains physiological homeostasis in various organ systems via parasympathetic and sympathetic branches. ANS function is altered in common diffuse and focal conditions and ...

    Authors: Shubham Debnath, Todd J. Levy, Mayer Bellehsen, Rebecca M. Schwartz, Douglas P. Barnaby, Stavros Zanos, Bruce T. Volpe and Theodoros P. Zanos
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:13
  24. Gastroparesis is a debilitating disease that is often refractory to pharmacotherapy. While gastric electrical stimulation has been studied as a potential treatment, current devices are limited by surgical comp...

    Authors: Andrew Perley, Mehrdad Roustaei, Marcelo Aguilar-Rivera, David C. Kunkel, Tzung K. Hsiai, Todd P. Coleman and Parinaz Abiri
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:12
  25. This paper describes a method to reversibly block nerve conduction through direct application of a 1 Hz sinusoidal current waveform delivered through a bipolar nerve cuff electrode. This low frequency alternat...

    Authors: Maria Ivette Muzquiz, Lindsay Richardson, Christian Vetter, Macallister Smolik, Awadh Alhawwash, Adam Goodwill, Rizwan Bashirullah, Michael Carr and Ken Yoshida
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:9
  26. Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic systemic autoimmune disorder that commonly affects the skin, joints, kidneys, and central nervous system. Although great progress has been made over the years, p...

    Authors: Charrise M. Ramkissoon, Amparo Güemes and Josep Vehi
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:8
  27. There is a broad and growing interest in Bioelectronic Medicine, a dynamic field that continues to generate new approaches in disease treatment. The fourth bioelectronic medicine summit “Technology targeting m...

    Authors: Timir Datta-Chaudhuri, Theodoros Zanos, Eric H. Chang, Peder S. Olofsson, Stephan Bickel, Chad Bouton, Daniel Grande, Loren Rieth, Cynthia Aranow, Ona Bloom, Ashesh D. Mehta, Gene Civillico, Molly M. Stevens, Eric Głowacki, Christopher Bettinger, Martin Schüettler…
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:7
  28. The overuse of low value medical tests and treatments drives costs and patient harm. Efforts to address overuse, such as Choosing Wisely campaigns, typically rely on passive implementation strategies- a form o...

    Authors: Nishila Mehta, Karen Born and Benjamin Fine
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:5
  29. Brain stimulation technology has become a viable modality of reversible interventions in the effective treatment of many neurological and psychiatric disorders. It is aimed to restore brain dysfunction by the ...

    Authors: Shichun Peng, Vijay Dhawan, David Eidelberg and Yilong Ma
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:4
  30. Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS) delivers Autonomic Regulation Therapy (ART) for heart failure (HF), and has been associated with improvement in cardiac function and heart failure symptoms. VNS is delivered using...

    Authors: Imad Libbus, Scott R. Stubbs, Scott T. Mazar, Scott Mindrebo, Bruce H. KenKnight and Lorenzo A. DiCarlo
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:3
  31. The desire to harness electricity for improving human health dates back at least two millennia. As electrical signals form the basis of communication within our nervous system, the ability to monitor, control,...

    Authors: Eric H. Chang
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:2
  32. When nerves are damaged by trauma or disease, they are still capable of firing off electrical command signals that originate from the brain. Furthermore, those damaged nerves have an innate ability to partiall...

    Authors: Alexis L. Lowe and Nitish V. Thakor
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2021 7:1
  33. Neuro-immune communication has gained enormous interest in recent years due to increasing knowledge of the way in which the brain coordinates functional alterations in inflammatory and autoimmune responses, an...

    Authors: Silvia V. Conde, Joana F. Sacramento and Fatima O. Martins
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:24
  34. COVID-19 has left mankind desperately seeking how to manage dramatically rising infection rates associated with severe disease progressions. COVID-19 courses range from mild symptoms up to multiple organ failu...

    Authors: M. Leitzke, D. Stefanovic, J.-J. Meyer, S. Schimpf and P. Schönknecht
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:22
  35. Recent evidence demonstrated that severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) propagates in intestinal epithelial cells expressing Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 (ACE2), implying that these c...

    Authors: Anne S. ten Hove, David J. Brinkman, Andrew Y. F. Li Yim, Caroline Verseijden, Theo B. M. Hakvoort, Iris Admiraal, Olaf Welting, Patricia H. P. van Hamersveld, Valérie Sinniger, Bruno Bonaz, Misha D. Luyer and Wouter J. de Jonge
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:20
  36. Peripheral nerve reflexes enable organ systems to maintain long-term physiological homeostasis while responding to rapidly changing environmental conditions. Electrical nerve stimulation is commonly used to ac...

    Authors: Victoria Cotero, Tzu-Jen Kao, John Graf, Jeffrey Ashe, Christine Morton, Sangeeta S. Chavan, Stavros Zanos, Kevin J. Tracey and Christopher M. Puleo
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:21
  37. In this study we analyze new clinical data in the use of spinal cord stimulation (SCS) for the treatment of pain and motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), as both a singular bioelectric the...

    Authors: Krishnan V. Chakravarthy, Rahul Chaturvedi, Takashi Agari, Hirokazu Iwamuro, Rajiv Reddy and Ayano Matsui
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:18
  38. Pharmacoresistance and adverse drug events designate a considerable group of patients with focal epilepsies that require alternative treatments such as neurosurgical intervention and neurostimulation. Electric...

    Authors: Jens Ellrich
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:19
  39. Cervical spinal cord injury severely affects grasping ability of its survivors. Fortunately, many individuals with tetraplegia retain residual arm movements that allow them to reach for objects. We propose a w...

    Authors: Nikunj Bhagat, Kevin King, Richard Ramdeo, Adam Stein and Chad Bouton
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:17
  40. Conventional neurostimulation systems for preclinical research can be bulky and invasive due to the need for batteries or wired interfaces. Emerging as a new neural interface technique, ultrasound-powered piez...

    Authors: Tao Sun, Jason Wright and Timir Datta-Chaudhuri
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:16

    The original article was published in Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:13

  41. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), at the origin of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, is characterized by a dramatic cytokine storm in some critical patients with COVID-19. This storm...

    Authors: Bruno Bonaz, Valérie Sinniger and Sonia Pellissier
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:15
  42. The number of cases from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic has overwhelmed existing medical facilities and forced clinicians, patients, and families to make pivotal decisions with limited...

    Authors: Shubham Debnath, Douglas P. Barnaby, Kevin Coppa, Alexander Makhnevich, Eun Ji Kim, Saurav Chatterjee, Viktor Tóth, Todd J. Levy, Marc d. Paradis, Stuart L. Cohen, Jamie S. Hirsch and Theodoros P. Zanos
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:14
  43. The vagus nerve-based inflammatory reflex regulates inflammation and cytokine release. Recent successful clinical trials using implantable bioelectronic devices to modulate the inflammatory reflex in patients ...

    Authors: Bruno Bonaz
    Citation: Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:12

    The Research article to this article has been published in Bioelectronic Medicine 2020 6:8

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